Building a Resilient Coast for the Douglas Shire

Project News

  • Implementation Update #1 - June 2020

    Douglas Shire Council is moving forward in the Resilient Coast Strategic Plan by implementing a photograph monitoring program (strategic actions: 1.3.1 & 1.3.2). This monitoring program will utilise a citizen science approach and a CoastSnap platform, which has already been used both in Australia and internationally for coastline monitoring.

    As part of the project, the Council will be installing five (5) phone cradles at beach locations in Four Mile, Cooya, Newell, Wonga and Cow Bay. These locations have been outlined as key areas for beach monitoring and will be positioned to overlook a beach in locations accessible by the public. People are encouraged to place their smartphone into the cradle, take a photo of the beach and share it to a centralised database. This data can be later merged into time-lapse videos and analysed for coastal changes by using a series of algorithms.

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